After years in the hospitality industry, we felt something was missing. We are in an industry of bringing people together and networking. We know that finding the right service staff for the job can be tough. BarHire was created out of a need to bring the hospitality community together. We are a selective  agency made strictly for bartenders, servers, hosts, and brand representatives; ultimately those who have perfected the art of creating an experience. 

We help to promote these individuals and connect them to compatible bars, restaurants, businesses and event spaces by focusing on the needs of our customers and employees. Our goal is to streamline the staffing experience in the hospitality industry.

In 2018 we paired up with Career Start to strengthen our presence in the staffing industry with the hope of giving both our customers and candidates a world class experience. I’m confident you will get just that.

Tarin Passamonte - Founder of BarHire

-Tarin Passamonte,

founder of barhire